Celebration “Hands Off My Gold (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)” Unreleased
Just when you thought that Simian Mobile Disco was getting a little played out, the dynamic duo decided to reinterpret a song from Baltimore-based mystic trio Celebration, who is by far Beggars’ stand-out troupe of the past few years. Low-octave transposed vocals and cosmic synth leads are the new recipe for club fire. Dancefloors may soon see the rise of the goth dance, and that rules. FM

Oh AstroChampions of WonderIllegal Art
In true Illegal Art fashion, Jane Dowe and Hank Hofler’s first full-length as Oh Astro is comprised almost solely of sampled material, but this is far from a Girl Talk record. Champions of Wonder is an experimental conglomeration of glitchy techno, ambient, and broken-beat, all layered with distorted vocals that offset the album’s poppier moments with ghostly eeriness. RH

His Name Is AliveXmmerSilver Mountain Media
HNIA’s latest LP is so understated that somehow tracks with synthesizers, horns, and distortion still sound like acoustic folk songs. Xmmer proves that Warren Defever and gang still have the chops to write some pretty damn sublime rock tracks. RH

Deadverse Productions “Remixes” MySpace
Jersey’s most realized hip-hop group Dälek has taken its appreciation for My Bloody Valentine one step further with its new Deadverse Productions project. Remixing artists from Faust to Enon to The Melvins, these dudes are on some sort of creative Benzedrine. Fusing spacious atmospherics and downtempo hip-hop percussion, this studio behemoth may soon give Carl Craig a run for his money as most in demand (and well-paid) remixer around. FM

Bim ShermanTribulations (Down in Jamdown 1974-1979)Pressure Sounds
London’s Pressure Sounds label has put together a long-overdue collection of the work of roots artist Bim Sherman. The results are fantastic. Showcasing most songs in both vocal and dub versions, Tribulations doesn’t hold a single week cut among its 23 tracks. This is a must have for dub heads. RH

Spankrock & Benny BlancoBangers & CashDowntown
We featured the single “Shake That” a few weeks ago on the Top Ten, but after hearing the album in its entirety, we had to give the whole record dap. As opposed to the chirpy electro B-More of Spankrock’s past, this hard (we’re talking “put Easy E to shame” hard) collection of tracks will have white kids, gang lords, and any club kid on his or her feet. Listen to “Bitch” and heed to the revelation. FM

Claude VonStrokeWho’s Afraid of Detroit Remixes dirty Bird
This three-track 12” from Mr. VonStroke finds the ubiquitous “Who’s Afraid of Detroit” getting the remix treatment by Detroit techno architect Kevin Saunderson, Jersey producer Tanner Ross, and techno poster-boy Matthew Dear, under his Audion moniker. Dear takes the cake. In true Audion fashion, his mix is long, minimal, twisted, and at times downright ghoulish. RH

Yea Big & Kid StaticS/TJib Door
This LP is worth listening to just for Deejay Yea Big’s production. Stuttering, glitchy, and just plain jaw-dropping, Yea Big’s beats are up there with the big guns of Prefuse 73 and Daedelus. With Kid Static’s humorous, yet angst-filled rhyming filling it out, this duo have put excitement and innovation back into hip-hop. RH

Six Organs of AdmittanceShelter From the AshDrag City
Ben Chasny as Six Organs of Admittance has finally taken the final mystic plunge. Shelter From the Ash is all psych-guitar solo, drones, magical Uriah Heep-esque vocals, and song titles that sound like books found in Barnes & Noble’s New Age section. Fans of Daniel Higgs, Rainbow, and Aquarius Records now have a reason to start a blog. FM

Twista Feat. Kanye West  “Well, It’s Time” Atlantic/WEA
Maybe Kanye and (to a lesser extent) Twista have been spending a majority of their time researching new “indie” rising stars on Pitchfork for samples, but whatever, this single kills it. Borrowing from Feist, “Well, It’s Time” will be the track that propels Twista’s forthcoming Adrenaline Rush 2007 into the limelight.

RH-Ross Holland
FM-Fred Miketa