StarkeyStarkey Presents Street Bass Anthems Volume 2Seclusiasis
The second installment of this mixtape series sees Philadelphia’s Starkey remixing tracks to exploit basslines to their fullest potential. Here, The Streets, M.I.A., Wiley, and others sound harder than ever, and we have to give this guy props for closing the mix with a trippy reinterpretation of Warren G’s “Regulate.” JM

DisinterestedBehind Us Dynamophone
Rarely does ambient music flow with as much ease as Disinterested’s (a.k.a. Matt Brown) sophomore release. Behind Us is a gorgeous dream of shoegazey drones and echo-laden guitar melodies. It’s cinematic, it’s melancholy, and it’s definitely become our latest stoned-on-bus-at-night soundtrack. RH

As usual, Christina and Tom Carter as Charalambides have churned out another beautiful piece of psychedelic mastery. This time around, Christina’s voice is paired with subtle delays that match perfectly with the breathing tremolo guitarlines. It’s not surprising that Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore is backing this visionary couple. FM

Spankrock & Benny Blanco “Shake That” Downtown
While the whole club rap situation may be getting a little out of hand (consult the plethora off fluorescent-flyer-filled blogs), there’s something special about hearing the spirit of Luke reinvigorated through these two ass-obsessed MCs. If you haven’t downloaded this, do so immediately. FM

ReverbaphonHere Come EveryoneBenbecula
Post-rock, avant-rock, whatever you want to call it, the latest LP from Reverbaphon is a chin-scratching affair. With a mix of ambient electronics, samplers, and free jazz rhythms, Here Comes Everyone switches from melodious textures to experimental riffing with amazing confidence and skill. RH

StudioLife’s a Beach RemixesInformation
After countless twelves, remixes, and comps, Prins Thomas and Todd Terje are still unbeatable when it comes to lean, spacey disco-house. This single showcases their respective remixes of a cut by Sweden’s Studio, and both reinterpretations are fantastic. While Thomas goes for the slower, cosmic variety, Terje brings the real heat with an afro-disco percussion massacre. RH

Black LipsGood Bad Not EvilVice
At a recent Black Lips show, one of the dudes in the band hocked a loogie into the air and then caught in his mouth. It was rad, and so is their newest LP. Full of the wonderfully sloppy garage rock they’ve come to perfect, GBNE is a drunken, southern good time of a record from start to finish. RH

VariousIceland Airwaves EruptionIceland Airwaves
The Iceland Airwaves festival annually showcases the musical variety this country has to offer, and a new compilation further affirms there’s more in Iceland than Bjork and Sigur Rós. Iceland Airwaves Eruption features Gus Gus’s jumpy electronic grooves, Northern Light’s bizarre take on hip-hop, Benni Hemm Hemm’s blissful acoustic song scapes, and some good old fashioned indie rock. JM

The Quantic Soul OrchestraTropidelicoTru Thoughts
Will Holland has always drawn inspiration from salsa, funk, and jazz, but Tropidelico, the fourth album for his Quantic Soul Orchestra outfit, finds the multi-instrumentalist adding to this usual palatte of sound. Now working out of Colombia, Holland rides the Cumbia sound, working its percussion, flutes, and guitars into every musical nook and cranny possible. JM

I Broke My RobotTomorrow Does Not ExistBroken Fader Cartel
When an album claims on its press sheet to be “the soundtrack to a 14th century torture chamber played by modern electronics and the Boston Philharmonic,” there’s not way we’re not having a listen. Tomorrow Does Not Exist is an intricately orchestrated train wreck of breakbeats and IDM, and really does sound, in some places, like you’re trapped in an iron maiden. Deliciously dark and definitely not for fans of the Postal Service. JM

Ross Holland
Fred Miketa
Jennifer Marston