Yesterday brought word that Xosar will pilot a new label, Gyrocyre, and now, a teaser track from its first release has been made available to stream. Out next month, Show Yourself follows previous 12″s on L.I.E.S., Delsin, and Rush Hour, and dovetails with its creator’s preference for raw, hardware-driven, “mystic” techno. As for the conceptual creature behind the label, a press release states:

“When people on our planet hold built up psychic tensions under the skin, the energy gestates in a womb­like growth until it’s ready to burst through the flesh and manifest as a creature called a Gyrocyre. Many people opt out of ever letting the beast emerge, happy to function at levels they can predict without having to face the challenge brought on by the Gyrocyre. It grows heavy and bloated with untapped potential. Those who embrace the change slice through. The Gyrocyre and the host come face to face… what happens next can only be determined by the nature of their heart. The Gyrocyre can give them the tools to save or destroy the world, or themselves.”

Before Show Yourself lands on November 30, listen to closing cut “Manmeat PCP” below.

A1. Psychoplasmic Spawn
A2. Skin Hammer
B1. Show Yourself
B2. Manmeat PCP