Netherlands-based expat Xosar will inaugurate the Brussels-based Ensemble label with a new EP next month. Entitled Retreat 2 Rapture, the four-track effort will mark Xosar’s third solo effort of the year, it’s four tracks launching the label arm of the Belgian Ensemble party curated by Gratts and Kong. Along with three new productions from the rising, hardware-wielding Xosar, a new remix from San Soda (operating under the name “Xan Xoda”) will also grace the tracklist. No exact release date has been shared for Retreat 2 Rapture, but the EP is expected to drop sometime next month. In the meantime, its artwork and full tracklist are included below. (via Resident Advisor)

01 X(osar) Files
02 Gone is Yesterday (Xan Xoda remix)
03 Paranormal Detective
04 Lycropolis