Sheela Rahman (a.k.a. Xosar) is set to debut on Rotterdam-based outpost Pinkman this spring with a two-track 12″. The prolific US-born producer’s upcoming World of Illusion EP is billed as “mystic techno” and slated for release in early April, around the same time as her full-length for Opal Tapes offshoot Black Opal. As Juno Plus reports, Xosar performed the record’s a-side during a live set on Tim Sweeney’s Beats in Space radio show, while b-side offering “Phasers of Eden” first aired on a podcast for Clubbing Spain back in 2013. Both tracks can be previewed below before World of Illusion officially lands in a few months.

A1. World of Illusion
B1. Phasers of Eden