Xosar will release The Possessor Possesses Nothing LP next year on Bedouin Records

The album’s inspiration stems from a passage from the Tao Te Ching about one girl’s quest to liberate herself from oppressive forces. The making of it is described as “an “exercise in decisiveness, action, and liberation”; it’s music-making as self-therapy, with Xosar cleansing herself “from my own fears” and embracing “self-acceptance, self-trust, responsibility for oneself.” It’s founded on research into the ideas of alchemy, kundalini yoga, fractals, DNA structure, the golden ratio, biofeedback, quasicrystals, visualizing higher dimensions, the human energy field, psychedelic medicine, stand up comedy, sound healing, and much more. 

Xosar self-released Xymeria, her last album, in 2017.  She’s previously appeared on Rush Hour, Creme Organization, and, Ron Morelli’s Long Island Electrical Systems [L.I.E.S]. 


01. Transmogrification 07:19

02. A Heart Encircled by a Serpent 06:48

03. Fantasmagoria 04:46

04. Vibration Acceleration 05:45

05. Pikachu Police State 04:20

06. The Possessor Possesses Nothing 06:09

07. Heavens Gate 09:01

08. Realm ov Chaos 04:52

09. The Video 03:47

The Possessor Possesses Nothing LP will land on February 1, with “Vibration Acceleration” below.