Portland-based weird-rocker YACHT takes his art (and name) pretty seriously. Also one-half of K Records’ electro-pop duo The Blow, Jona Bechtolt’s work under his solo moniker is about as punk as you can get without actually being punk.

Headlining his first tour ever, Bechtolt is no doubt staying true to that course. In fact, his record release party will unfold in two parts. Part 1: get on an actual yacht with a bunch of bros and party. Part 2: get dropped off at Oregon’s Museum of Science and Industry and tear the roof off the place with performances by E*Rock, DJ Beyonda, and Adrian Orange with the Child Slave Rebellion, before Bechtolt himself takes the stage accompanied by a live band.

The implicit Part 3 is the rest of the tour–on a slightly less dramatic scale. But after listening to his newest offering, I Believe In You. Your Magic is Real, drama is a completely relative term.

05/05 Portland, OR: 2 Part CD Release Party
05/15 Salt Lake City, UT: Kilby Court