Italy’s Yakamoto Kotzuga has a new album on the way, Slowly Fading.

Yakamoto Kotzuga (formally known as Giacomo Mazzucato) was born in 1994 in Venice, Italy. His debut release arrived in 2013 with an EP, Rooms Of Emptiness, out for Bad Panda Records, and was followed a few months later by Lost Keys & Stolen Kisses, for the French label Highlife Recordings. Applause from critics led him to sign some productions for some well known Italian rappers along with numerous remixes and several collaborations, among which the choice of its “Your Smell” as the soundtrack for a variety of reportage to Vogue Fashion Week Paris. He released his debut album, Usually Nowhere, on March 24, 2015 for La Tempesta International / Sugar.

He’s now about to release an 11-track release lands three years after Usually Nowhere. It’s born from an A/V performance in collaboration with visual artist Furio Ganz and commissioned by the Venice Biennale. The release as it stands is split into two parts— “Fading” and “Faded”—for a total of 45 minutes of music.

We’re told that the release is “a reflection on the idea of temporality and its emotional consequences.”


1 / 01. This Will Always Be The Best
1 / 02. Existential Angst
1 / 03. She Said
1 / 04. Until We Fade
1 / 05. Shouldn’t Be Here
2 / 01. Suffer & Hold
2 / 02. Inner God
2 / 03. New Singularity
2 / 04. Emotional Complexity
2 / 05. Impermanence
2 / 06. Remember Nothing You Don’t Have To

Slowly Fading will be released by La Tempesta International on March 23, with a video for “Until We Fade” streaming in full above.