Yamaha has launched its new video series, Way Up, with a profile on JNR Williams.

The series will aim to introduce emerging artists, their music, and their creative processes to new audiences. For the first addition to the series, Yamaha teamed up with rising British talent JNR Williams to showcase how he makes music, his background, and creative inspirations, as he explains:

“I remember when I first started writing ‘A Prayer,’ it was on a little Yamaha keyboard that I bought from Argos when I was in college. Going back to the stripped back version takes me to that time, I love the rawness and the simplicity of the song in that form. Thank you to Yamaha’s Way Up series for bringing me back and reminding me of the writing stages of the track.”

The Way Up series will also include a panel where emerging artists from around the world can gather to talk about their experiences in the music industry, what it means to express themselves through their music, and how they progress their music. The panel takes place at the Yamaha Ginza Hall in Tokyo, Japan this month.

You can watch the video in full below, with more on Yamaha here.