Call the music of Tampa, Florida’s Yo Majesty what you will–club, rave rap, whatever–but be advised no genre restrictions will tame these three rambunctious women. Fresh from South by Southwest destruction and West Coast mayhem with The Gossip, the three ladies of Yo Majesty have become the toast of the town in just about any urban setting.

This time around, the girl-loving troop is headlining some shows and shredding alongside artists like Bonde Do Role, DJ Funk, and Machine Drum–so ass enthusiasts and MIDI-nerds alike will get their fill of the new regal-rap experience.

The trio has already collaborated with Compost’s Ben Mono and Peaches (not to mention being remixed by an army of producers), and has shown hipsters from Miami to L.A. a certain side of topless “club action.” Get your fill at any one of these dates.

06/01 New York, NY: Irving Plaza
06/02 Cambridge, MA: The Middle East
06/06 Quebec City, QC: Dagobert
06/07 Montreal, QC: The Academy Club
06/08 Ottowa, ON: Babylon
06/09 Toronto, ON: The Drake
06/11 San Diego, CA: Casbah
06/12 Los Angeles, CA: Cinespace
06/14 Austin, TX: Beauty Bar
07/05 Orlando, FL: The Club at Firestone
07/15 Chicago, IL: The Empty Bottle
08/11 Oslo, NO: Oya Festival