Youandewan will release his debut album on Aus later this year.

Berlin-based DJ and producer Ewan Smith (a.k.a. Youandewan) has had strong links to Will Saul‘s Aus imprint for some years now, having released three solo EPs on it. The label is now set to become the home of his debut full-length too, There Is No Right Time. According to a press release, much of the music was sketched out three years ago when Smith was coming out of a breakup, and so has a “melancholic vibe,” giving a nod toward “the lonely nature of the job and to the darker side of constant partying and all that comes with it.”

The news comes just after Smith dropped his first EP on Andy Hart‘s Voyage Recordings: three-tracker Luna Via (which you can purchase now over at Juno).

There Is No Right Time is scheduled for release on October 14. Stream one of its cuts, “Waiting For L,” below.


A1. Have The Guts
A2. Be Good To Me, Poly
A3. Waiting For L
B1. Time To Leave (Can’t Mix)
B2. 10405 (Alice)
B3. Our Odyssey
C1. Something Keeps Me Real Quiet
C2. Left On Lucy (Featuring Huerta)
D1. Earnest Kelly
D2. 4D Anxiety