Yuki Ame has unveils the accompanying video for his track “Blue Room.”

The video follows unassuming bystanders around London’s iconic estate, the Barbican, and follows the release of the Anamnesis EP.

Director Innes Evans says about the clip: “Following on from “Circles,” I wanted to explore the sprawl of daily life and routine. “Blue Room” feels very grand for me: whilst “Circles” describes an individual experience, “Blue Room” feels like the structure that connects these experiences together.

“So, I wanted to set the impermanence of people and life itself, against the brutalist architecture of the Barbican—something that, to me, comes across as ever-present, dominating and perennial. On top of this, I wanted to explore some more unsettling themes that connected myself, the camera, and the subjects/objects in the video, all relating to how disproportionate power relations may be held by the possessor of ‘a camera’.”

Anamnesis was released last Friday via London label PANEL.

Yuki Ame started as a conceptual alias; a response to identity within Western Music, and retained an anonymous presence online for the first two years of output. Returning from Asia, Yuki Ame moved to Bristol, UK, and fell into the strong electronic music scene in the city. It was the conversion from Medicine to an Arts major in Humanities that formed an interest in the philosophy of identity within music. Despite previous roots in hip-hop and sample-driven music, Yuki Ame’s move to Bristol accompanied a shift in influence towards longer and more club-orientated production. Influences span from post-dubstep acts such as Mount Kimbie and James Blake to sample-based producers J-Dilla and Madlib.

In support the EP, you can download “Circles” feat. ZOE here.