Prolific multi-pseudonymed UK producer Dave Jones (a.k.a Zed Bias a.k.a. Maddslinky, pictured above) has teamed up with respected UK bass figure Steve Gurley for a collaborative 12″ for the Keysound imprint, entitled “Roll.” The two have apparently been trading musical ideas since they met back in the mid-’90s, while Gurley was making the transition from his earlier work in the jungle outfit Foul Play to the garage-style sounds he is better known for and while Jones was just beginning his path as an up-and-coming producer. Apparently, those beats and breaks the two were trading on floppy discs over a decade ago have served as the inspiration for this latest collaboration, which is said to still be very much a current slice of UK bass music, complete with “garage swing, vocoder funk, jungle rudeness, and an edginess straight out of the ‘roots of’ era dubstep.” The “Roll” 12″, whose b-side features a remix from Keysound label head Blackdown, has no specific release date set yet, but can be expected some time in late May or early June.

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