Dario and Marco Zenker in Los Angeles, California

Dario and Marco Zenker—the Zenker Brothers—will release Cosmic Transmission, their second album, next month.

Cosmic Transmission follows the brothers’ breakthrough Immersion album, released in 2015 on their Ilian Tape label. They’ve revealed very little about the new album, but they have released an ambiguous statement.

“In another time it felt like only an unpredictable extreme event could change the way we choose to live together. Now it feels so crazy, it can be overwhelming, but always remember we are just a tiny micro-spaceship traveling through a gigantic universe. When nothing is safe, all is possible. We are one. One love.”

Dario and Marco began working together in the early ’00s. Dario, the elder, received his first set of turntables as a gift from his parents at the age of 15. Marco became involved in electronic music a little later, and they launched Ilian Tape in 2007 as a platform for their own productions. They began DJing together a year later, fusing Detroit techno, house, dub, rap, and breakbeat into a sound of their own. Since Immersion, they’ve built up the label with records from Stenny, Skee Mask, Surgeon, Walton, Pessimist, Galaxian, and more.


01. When Nothing Is Safe
02. Who’s In Control
03. Intense Incense
04. Natural Connection
05. Sphere Force
06. Divided Society
07. Transforming Well
08. One For All
09. Reset
10. Let Loose
11. Transcending

Cosmic Transmission LP is scheduled for October 15 release. You can pre-order the record here, and hear clips below.