Planet Mu will release Ziúr‘s new album, ATØ, in November.

ATØ is said to present the evolution of Ziúr’s productions, as if the gritty distortion of her album debut, 2017’s U Feel Anything?, “has given way to a bloom of colour.” The music could be loosely described as “left-field pop,” the label explains, “but like all her music there is a steely undertow of determined strength.” The album features singer-songwriter Samantha Urbani, formerly of the band Friends, and vocals from Ash B, who lays down a gravelly response to betrayal on “F.O.E.” Across the album, Ziúr also sings, her voice transformed through effects into a different character every time.

The album title means “THE ALLIANCE TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD,” and Ziúr intends the release to be “a network of intersectional support, a network of mesh to help us through these dark oppressive times.”

The album was made, in her own words: “In support of all people who struggle finding a place in this world ,who are having trouble being respected and celebrated for who they are. For everyone, who is part of resisting the status quo, for all survivors, outcasts, and weirdos. For people who fight for their existence, every day.”

ATØ comes out on November 15. Meanwhile, you can stream “I Vanish” in full below.


01. ATØ
02. It’s Complicated
03. I Vanish
04. Fancy Handbag, Broken Zipper
05. F.O.E. feat. Ash B
06. Catch Me Never
07. Life Sick
08. All Lessons Unlearned feat. Samantha Urbani
09. Laniakea
10. Unclaim
11. Mother