Argentina-based DJ collective Zizek Urban Beats Club wowed North American audiences last month when the crew traveled North and delivered an aural education on the finer details of the cumbia sound.

Further lessons on the group’s trademark musical style are soon to follow, namely, in the form of Zizek’s second release, ZZK Sound Vol. 2.

Nacional will release the record on June 23, and if Vol. 1, which dropped in 2008, was all about showcasing cumbia outside Argentina’s borders, Vol. 2 brings the music home and focuses on what’s happening within that country, with tracks from both natives and relocated ex-pats. Remixes by the likes of Ghislain Poirier, El Remolon, and Douster complete the release.

ZZK Sound Vol. 2:
01 Uproot Andy – Brooklyn Cumbia
02 8GB – Piolaboy Feat. Fauna
03 Zonora Point – Huachita Rica (Douster Remix)
04 Sonido Del Principe – Cartagena
05 Fauna – Guachito Gil (Ghislain Poirier Remix)
06 Frikstailers – Cumbia Kamisama
07 Chancha Via Circuito – Prima
08 Lalucruza – Soloina (Pasternak Remix)
09 Quio – So Loud (El Remolon Remix)
10 Daleduro – La Poli
11 Arcade – Rastrishop
12 Meneo – La Licuadora
13 Intima – Fatbot Es Lim (Tremor Remix)
14 Axel Krygier – Cumbia Tucumana
15 Petrona Martinez – Un Nino Que Llora En Los Montes De Maria + El Hueso (King Coya Remix)
16 El Trip Selector – Cumbiancherita
17 The Peronists – Lluvia Hatiana Con Cumbia
18 ORO11 – Macumbiabass