Hivern Discs’ vinyl-only sub-label HVNX will release a mini-album by Zodiac Free Arts Club (a.k.a Argy).

Zodiac Free Arts Club is the Krautrock/Kosmische tribute side project of the Greek producer Argy, and the release is only the project’s second output, following debut album Floating World, which landed via Permanent Vacation in 2011. The mini-album draws inspiration from the work of the painter Constantin Xenakis, reflecting his vision after several meetings in Paris and Athens since 2012. Each track corresponds to a painting by Xenakis, translating its intricate shapes and patterns into compositions filled with elliptic arpeggios, repetitive drum machines, and esoteric melodies.

Hivern Discs, the imprint co-founded by John Talabot, started HVNX in 2016 as a sub-label for vinyl conceptual EPs and mini-albums featuring the most experimental music spectrum of the label’s direction. Previous releases have come from the likes of Inga Mauer and Simon Haydo.

“Constantin Xenakis’ work possesses exactly what I really love about intelligent electronic music. It’s stylishly repetitive, coded, mechanical but, at the same time, very organic and playful.” — Zodiac Free Arts Club


A1. Parcours
A2. Metachimie (feat. June)
A3. (Interlude)
A4. Code de la route no 13
B1. Constat d’accident
B2. Commandements HGG
B3. Défilé 16
B4. Bleu M
B5. Croisement

Structure + Codes will land on May 25, with “Code de la route no 13” streaming in full below.