The elusive UK producer Zomby has recently announced Ultra, an upcoming full-length album that is set to land via Kode9’s Hyperdub imprint on September 2.

His fourth official LP, Zomby has recruited Rezzett, Hong Kong Express, Banshee and Hyperdub mainstays Darkstar and Burial to combine their unique and wholly recognizable sounds with Zomby’s hyperactive style. Having not heard anything from Burial since his single “Temple Sleeper”—released in January of 2015—the forthcoming collaboration has fans buzzing and the single, titled “Sweetz,” will also be released as a separate 10″ on July 29. 

Check out the tracklist below.

01. Reflection
02. Burst
03. Fly 2 (Zomby & Banshee)
04. E.S.P.
05. I
06. Glass
07. Sweetz (Zomby & Burial)
08. Her
09. Quandary (Zomby & Darkstar)
10. Freeze
11. Yeti
12. S.D.Y.F. (Zomby & Rezzett)
13. Thaw
14. Tenkyuu (Zomby & Hong Kong Express) *