Buenos Aires collective ZZK has come a long way since its days of throwing a small weekly party and eventually launching a fledging record label. More than five years into its existence, the digital cumbia torchbearer—who, it should be said, has greatly expanded beyond that core sound—has toured around the world several times, dropped dozens of releases, and helped solidify forward Latin rhythms as a key part of the musical lexicon. Now, ZZK is taking another step forward, teaming up with Waxploiitation to bring its music to an even wider audience. Seeing as how Waxploitation is best known for its work with artists like Danger Mouse and Gnarls Barkley, the drafting of ZZK is a bit of a surprise development, yet the two brands will be joining forces to bring forth a number of new releases in the months ahead. On December 13, Super Guachin will be releasing his debut EP, Piratas y Fichines, to be followed by Manshines, a new full-length from Fauna, on January 10. Mati Zundel, previously known as Lagartijeando, will also be releasing a full-length, Amazonico Gravitante, on March 27.

In the meantime, ZZK and Waxploitation have put together a new, 12-song mixtape. Featuring songs from the Buenos Aires crew’s past, present, and future, it’s meant to help introduce the ZZK sound to those who might not be familiar. The mixtape is streaming below.

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