These days, finding a talented MC with zero interest in a major label deal is like going to a Diddy party with no Cristal. Luckily for hip-hop fans, Living Legends’ frontman Murs shrugs off commercial intrigue yet again. Revenge finds this 13-year indie hustler in a storytelling mood: Each joint offers stilled snapshots of Murs’ life, crystallizing moments that feel both candid and personal. His love for LL Cool J’s relaxed thug-style flows through Revenge, especially in the affectionate, rosy-hued memories of familial love (“Love & Appreciate”) and the thoughts of a young man first startled by violence (“Dreamchasers”). Producer 9th Wonder‘s ’70s soul casts a warm, soft glow onto Murs’ prickly lyrical prowess, turning Revenge into something bittersweet. It’s like Murs observes on “Murs Day,” “It don’t take much these days to master the mic/Most of the rappers trapped in the hype.” Be glad Murs won’t make the MTV rounds anytime soon.