We can talk about economists, doctors, managers, lawyers and bureaucrats, but that would be too fucking boring,” Aidan Girt carps in a pause from the breakbeats he splatters on a White House wall. The drummer for chamber-rockers God Speed You! Black Emperor makes a spectacular ass out of himself in his breakcore excursion as 1-Speed Bike. You don‘t even need to listen to this album to understand what it‘s about-witness song titles like “If You Were a McDonald‘s, Your Lips Would Be an Orange Soda, but Your Dick Would Be a Shriveled-up Fry.” However, he is a deft swordsman on the trapkit, where he instills a loose, duct-taped funk usually missing in the bludgeons of breakcore. While his politics are written above an elementary school urinal (i.e. “I‘m handsome like Donald Rumsfield”), Girt‘s music is a B-movie worth a thousand midnight showings.