Carefree, quirky and more than a bit twisted, Treva Whateva‘s got the cure for stuffy clubs full of stiffs holding up the walls. Taking a break from lending a hand to Grand Central‘s Mystic Brew compilations, Trev lets fly with a passel of party rocking joints that cover several genres better than specialists. From the shiny disco vibes of “Driving Reign” to the absurdly infectious piano and vocal hoe-down of “Singalaong” to the skanking drum & bass of “Dedicated VIP,” Whateva works his samples and loops for all they‘re worth. Music‘s Made of Memories isn‘t completely perfect (“Havana Ball” is about as clunky as its punning name) but the occasional misstep is overshadowed by refreshing enthusiasm. Drop the pose and have yourself damn good time-Treva Whateva‘s got yer tunes.