Often in his career, Sei A (a.k.a. Andy Graham) has been categorized as a tech-house producer, and while his earliest efforts may have fit that mold a bit better, the tag really does the man’s current work a disservice. Perhaps due to their brilliantly clean and direct production, Sei A’s tunes can lend themselves to a somewhat “techy” sound, but in the past two years or so, his efforts have taken shape as a consistently evolving hybrid between bass, techno, and house. Now, after a gap in releases, Sei A has reluanched his own Seinan imprint—co-run alongside Logan—with a muscular three-track outing that follows last year’s strong efforts on Turbo, Kompakt Extra, and Aus sister label Simple.

Graham’s proficiency with precise sonics only enhances the potency of the three tunes offered on the 10 EP. A-side “Wants” is a jacking bit of bass-infused, UK-style house with a sound that isn’t far off from fellow Londoners such as Breach, though it does put more of an emphasis on sophisticated and detailed production touches than club-ready girth. In truth, “Wants” is a rolling banger at its core, yet it isn’t bombastic by any means; Sei A tucks bits of machine percussion and careful atmosphere underneath its fortified drums and sub-bass, lacing the track with charming vocal chops that help it move without trying to take the lead.

In terms of production quality, b-side cuts “10” and “Promises” follow in suit, but they take more aimless paths. The title cut flirts with spacey synth chords and a slight shuffle as it pieces together its own hybrid shape, and the EP closer lands on a lush bed of fuzzy chords while a deliciously restless bassline coyly works around a steady machinist rhythm. It makes for 10‘s most enveloping listen, though all three of its cuts seem equally suited to shine on the dancefloor.