At first glance, 100% of Dub may seem like just another “Best of” title, and if you’re familiar with reggae comps, that’s reason enough to be wary. But 100% should be considered one of the most significant dub reissues of the last 20 years for reasons other than its impeccable recording quality and content selection. It also represents just how closely Tubby was involved with some of Jamaica’s best ever recordings. Well-known hits like the Abyssinians’ “Declaration of Rights” and Johnny Osbourne’s “Jahovia” are versioned alongside more obscure but equally brilliant cuts like Echo Minott’s “Love Light,” John Holt’s “Tribal War” and Welton Irie’s “Lambsbread International,” to name a few. It’s a history lesson in roots reggae as seen though Tubby’s famous four track mixing desk, and an unusual chance to see how crucial Tubby was in transforming Jamaican music into something much larger than itself.