In an age where experimentation is rife, with club-music producers taking off in all sorts of directions, it can be easy to forget the music’s primary function—to make you dance. “Oh Boy,” from the new 19Hundred project on Soundplate Records, is a blissful, shining bubblegum-house record, one that doesn’t have a huge back story behind it or tales of technological adventure crammed within. It’s just a feel-good festival anthem (released a little late in the season) with pop hooks and rolling dance-floor aesthetics written all over it. It’s the same winning structure and formula that’s seen the likes of Duke Dumont‘s stock rise.

“Oh Boy'”s message (or lack of) is clear from the opening bars of the track, as breezy swathes of acid-drop bass hits and warbling vocals (courtesy of DAZE) set the pace, and a kick drum and snare pattern builds clarity and pace. It’s this momentum and build-up which typifies the track as a whole, swelling up with major tonal chords and cascading before the bass-loaded drop brings in widescreen, polished groove built around infectious chops and that soaring vocal melody.

This infectiously happy one-tracker is destined to either be a gleeful respite to all that moody techno you love…or a complete bugbear that’s hell-bent on ruining your life with it’s ear-worm tendencies. Bouncing, uplifting, positive and freshly naïve, the song’s nostalgia levels are turned up to maximum levels as it crosses from archetypal deep house to mainstream glamour with aplomb and ease.