Naturally, ESL has favored the sounds of its label heads, the Thievery Corporation boys, and their chic, cosmopolitan lounge leanings–a sound that Ursula 1000 (a.k.a. N.Y.-based Alex Gimeno) has embraced, though with a more playful edge. Here, his songs from the Here Comes Tomorrow album are tackled by others; also on offer is a new dancehall-flavored track, “Step Back,” remixed into a bassy version by Deekline and Ed Solo. The remixes blend a jet-set mentality, a cheeky sense of humor, and pure sexiness, like the Prince-style funk lacing Fort Knox Five’s remix of “Electrik Boogie” or the sleek minimal techno of Robosonic’s “Hello! Let’s Go to a Disco” remix. Sassily sophisticated.