Ten years of unwaveringly passionate releases in the electro-IDM business deserves a retrospective double-disc compilation, and it’s Jason Amm’s time to be honored. Demonstration Tape covers the best of the best, from his early Suction Records material (“Flexidisc,” “My Blue Car”) to his initial Ghostly hits like “My Radio” and “Think Like Us,” while unveiling some newly hatched killers like “In the Light” and “Creepy Crawler.” The new tracks showcase Amm’s knack for electro-fied 4/4 beats with unearthly vocoder manipulations and omnipresent synth zaps. Remix homage is paid by Adult. (“Flexidisc”), Alter Ego (“Think Like Us”), Mitgang Audio (“My Radio”), and JDSY (“For You”). One might predict the Alter Ego remix to be a snarling behemoth of a techno track–and one might be right.