Four songs in, using her best valley-girl-meets-’80s-club-diva voice, Nicky Click gets straight to the point: “Who here likes ice cream?” It takes a unique sort of sweet tooth to handle I’m on My Cell Phone; otherwise, this melts faster than soft-serve on a car radiator. Cell Phone plays out like the “Kool Thing” Kim Gordon/Chuck D. exchange stretched to 15 songs. It consists of dialogues between Click and a deep-voiced “Mr. Owl,” and one-sided talks between her and her “diary.” Topics range from the titular phone (“I got a brand new ring tone/And you’re on permanent roam”) to queer politics (“I’m gonna stay away from them/Their pleasure is much too intriguing”) to twee-indie love screeds, though the corny-as-hell production–bubblegum electro-pop and early-days hip-hop, mostly–makes The Blow sound groundbreaking.