Call me Ishmael, because I am going to tell you a white whale of a tale. There was once a young boy from Hamburg, Germany who was never told that the ’90s were over. His name was Samuel Kindermann (a.k.a. Einmusik), and along with DJ Bastian El Zohbi and Pelle Buys he made riff-heavy, shit-eating-grin-inducing micro-trance-techno tracks that almost begged for there to be another Mortal Kombat movie made just so that they could provide the triumphant climax cues. Okay, perhaps the 20 tracks (split between new and early) on these two Einmusik CDs aren’t quite that retro, save for the unadulterated stadium electro-haus of “The Runaway Child” or “Jittery Heritage,” but there is something so unabashedly punch drunk in the cosmic detailing and clubby robofunk that it feels like it’s of a less genre-delineated era.