Building on a slew of successful solo singles and remixes since the late ’90s, Geneva’s Crowdpleaser (Gregor Schönborn) & St. Plomb (Vincent Kolb) bring a considerable amount of depth and well-honed style to their debut full-length together. Dubby, Basic Channel-infused textures pervade “New Times Roman” while touches of Errorsmith‘s swervy funk show up on “Today” as the two producers smear their influences all over the page but do so with aplomb. Perhaps the record’s best track, though, is “Cash on Time,” a poppy slab of vocal techno funk with Kate Wax on vox. She’s not the only special guest-folks like Paris the Black Fu and Kalabrese also make appearances, but you’d be hard-pressed to pick out their contributions from this crowd. Despite Wax providing 2006’s only vocal offering, the 11 tracks float by effortlessly, traversing era and genre like the best of Kompakt’s style-surveying comps.