After a four-year hiatus, Matthew Dear re-establishes his False brand as a pinnacle of minimal-techno artistry. 2007 is sequenced as a continuous live set, but it gets off to an unpredictable start with “Indy 3000”’s chilly, Thomas Köner-esque ambience. With “Meat Me In the Markt” and “Warm Co.,” though, Dear starts the lofty party by shifting into some mantra-like minimalist techno that recalls label boss Richie Hawtin. From there, Dear burrows deeper into cerebral textures while also paying proper attention to dancers’ pelvises. On “Disease/George Washington,” things get disturbingly weird, as if Throbbing Gristle temporarily commandeered Dear’s laptop, foreshadowing the disc’s final four tracks: an ominous suite of peak-time lysergic disorientation. Domes will definitely be cracked.