On their sixth studio album, GusGus‘ love of swelling euphoria remains intact, even if they have tempered their sound a bit to match the subtle climaxes of their new-found Kompakt labelmates. Each track on the six-song album hints at Balearic release, only to pull back just before climaxing and instead settle into a minimal groove—it’s a tough trick, yet GusGus pulls it off with aplomb. Songs like “Thin Ice” and “On the Job” (the album’s title is drawn from the song’s excellently silly chorus) are particularly adept examples of party music written with an ear for detail and subtlety—this is what Tiga might sound like if he spent a little less time looking in the mirror. While it may sound like GusGus has suddenly become a “serious” outfit, 24/7 is no drab affair—it’s the sort of record that works at home or in the club.

Watch: “Add This Song”