Henri Pousseur belongs to the post-WW II generation of Europeans who instilled a key virtue in electronic music: never take it too seriously. In Pousseur’s new revamp of his 1972 piece, 8 Parabolic Mixes, laser buckshot ricochets through deep-fried microtones and caffeinated time-signatures. Sub Rosa also enlisted drone-smith Robert Hampson (Main), turntablist Philip Jeck and glitch-meister Markus Popp (Oval) to deliver trans-historical “alterities”-ahem, remixes-of the Pousseur track. Hampson and Jeck play it safe with sustained tones and lucid vocal samples, while Popp steals the show with his “ovalprocess” treatment, where CD skips and tone bursts illustrate an android suddenly awakening from a coma and then banging into furniture.