One could immediately jump to the conclusion that this all-female, post-techno comp is very “motherly.” However, the roughly 15 minutes given to the four international artists here all evade such a generalization. Tusia “TBA” Beridze simmers voices and melodies in the ether; her keyboard ballad, “Late,” is full of missed notes and false starts, yet is immaculate. Rosario Blefari lets her songs get lost in recordings, both real and mimicked, of street bustle. Eglantine Gouzy wanders into a playroom cluttered with music boxes-except for the “Who here is on their honeymoon, tonight?” lounge serenading of “Zone A.” And then there is Catarina Pratter‘s “Policeman,” a sublime digital-dub trance that summarizes the high class and intelligence of 4 Women No Cry at a time when so much electronic culture seeks nothing above the shoulders.