On this 18-track mix, KZA and Toshiya Kawasaki probe dance music’s more leisurely conceits. Theo Parrish’s dub of Kuniyuki’s “All These Things” sets the disc’s woozy, sensual tone, and Discosession’s remix of Naum Gabo’s “Black Lab” conjures a serious Italo-kosmische hybrid before Soft Rocks and John Daly inject some dramatic prog rock and Detroit-techno bump into the laid-back disco vibe. A peak occurs with Prins Thomas’ revamp of Force of Nature’s “To the Brain,” its funky disco buoyed by percolating bongos/congas and a baby-making bassline, and Wild Rumpus’ hard-rock/disco gangbang. KZA & Kawasaki then take the mix into an excitingly exotic detour through African-inflected disco and house, ably recalibrating conventional notions of disco and midtempo dance music.