While it’s hard to believe that an electronic music veteran like Anders Trentemøller could go nearly a decade without being tapped for a proper mix CD, the tracks contained on Harbour Boat Trips are perhaps even more shocking. Foregoing the intricate, long-form techno of his production and remix work, here Trentemøller indulges his pop impulses, assembling an impressively chilled out collection of indie experimentalism, swirling shoegaze, and late ’70s post-punk revivalism. Weaving together acts like Grouper, Beach House, Suicide, The Raveonettes, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre (with surprisingly little attention paid to elaborate mixing), Harbour Boat Trips whispers and hums along at a deliberate pace, only rising above mid-tempo for a bopping remix of Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love.” We always knew that Trentemøller had impeccable technique—apparently his taste is also spot on.