Faust is one of the few groups that can endure for nearly four decades without suffering serious creative stagnation. Excelling at hypnotic repetition and ruptured, Dadaist collage, at gently beautiful ballads and apocalyptic abrasiveness, these Krautrock mavericks have built a uniquely riveting canon. For C’est Com… Com… Compliqué, guitarist Amaury Cambuzat of the French group Ulan Bator joins original bassist Jean-Hervé Peron and drummer Werner “Zappi” Diermaier for a surprisingly strong effort. The prevalent mode here is percussion-heavy drone rock that ranges from delicate and melismatic to gnarly and sulfuric. Tangents like an eerie Tuvan throat-singing exercise (“Stimmen”) and a sentimental French ballad (“Petits Sons Appétissants”) mildly stray from the norm, but Faust’s strength remains their turbulently eventful trance-outs.