The album begins with Hot Chip spelling out R-O-S-E, and the goofball antics have only just begun. Already recognized as one of house music’s biggest talents, Jesse Rose has elected to devote his debut artist album to demonstrating just how fun, and funny, dance music can be. Produced with the help of his fidget-house partner-in-crime Switch, What Do You Do If You Don’t? is simply bursting with gregarious energy, not to mention enough tweaked synths to keep listeners twisting and turning across the dancefloor for days. “Touch My Horn” carves up a brass section and spits out an acid-house monster, while “Well Now” throws an antique blues stomp over a bouncing beat. Tracks like “Pop Your Porn” and “Wine Gum” are pure jackin’ house workouts, and Rose was also smart enough to include a couple of his past floor-fillers—“Asided” and “You’re All Over My Head.” Simply put, this is F-U-N.