Dirty South dyke club rap, what? Futuristically Speaking…Never Be Afraid, the debut LP from Yo Majesty, is all over the place. While there’s plenty of the clubby electro beats and Sapphic sex raps the Florida group have become known for, there’s also comedic ’80s boogie (“Leather Jacket”) and a guitar-laced album opener (“Fucked Up”), which comes across like a Domino-influenced attempt to punk up their act for the label’s indie-rocker audience. The stylistic gumbo, while odd to say the least, is probably more endearing than 14 different versions of their early single, “Club Action” (the only previously released track included here), would have been. Prior to hearing Futuristically it was hard to imagine Yo Majesty as anything more than a singles group, so the fact that they’ve kinda sorta pulled off an LP is impressive in itself.