Here you have it, over two hours’ worth of only a fraction of the product released by Steve Goodman’s (a.k.a. Kode9) London-based Hyperdub franchise. It’s more than a beginner’s guide, however. Re-mastered Burial tracks “Distant Lights” and “South London Boroughs” are joined by Kode9’s own “9 Samurai” and steady contributions from Kevin Martin projects The Bug and King Midas Sound. Hyperdub’s new 8-bit ‘n’ bass and wonky directions are also represented via songs from Ikonika, Quarta 300, and Darkstar, not to mention a choice cut from legit UK funky goddess Cooly G. Other highs include rolling thunder from Flying Lotus, LD, Joker, Zomby, and a funereal reinterpretation of the Specials’ “Ghost Town” courtesy of Kode9 + Spaceape.