Credit the folks at 50Weapons as curators—Cosmin TRG, Marcel Dettmann, and Lee Gamble all converge on points of clean lines and speed. If techno is meant to have an inherently futurist bent, these three producers regularly turn out fine contemporary examples of this ideal. For 50WeaponsRMX06, Dettmann and Gamble have been enlisted to work on a pair of tracks from TRG’s Gordian LP, which was released earlier in the year. The results are as contoured as one would expect.

Dettmann has a reputation as a bit of a serious guy, but that doesn’t mean he can’t make a romantic track. Granted, his rework of “New Structures for Loving” is run around a gruff, old-school bassline and pounding kicks, but he counters these aspects. Bristling open hi-hats alternate with shorter, tinkling windchimes, and a good portion of the track is blanketed in warmly bleary, marbled soul loops. Gamble’s take on “Noise Code” is grittier and harder to get a read on, thanks to its slippery sequencing. In a setting of static, a pressurized bassline competes with tubular alarm tones for space, with the beat accelerating and decelerating as it quantizes and unquantizes. The brief breakdown toward the end suddenly places the drums in the next room, while the selection of odd debris that remains echoes like water droplets from a cave ceiling. Both takes do justice to TRG’s slightly cleaner originals, and locate plenty of interesting new pockets in the process.