Many of the new sounds coming from Europe are overwhelmingly indebted to the house pioneers of the United States, and while a bit more recognition of such influences might be in order, the phenomenon isn’t necessarily a bad one. However, while many of the tracks on Nick Curly’s first mix CD have a sound that is comforting if a bit well-worn, it is Curly’s mixing that truly ruins any sort of pleasure a listener could derive from the pieces presented. The dynamics are completely flat, the mixes are obvious, and the beat-matching is so rote that it seems like Curly could have prepared the mix in his sleep; in fact, as a fan of many of his productions, this reviewer knows that the Mannheim-based DJ-producer can do better. Thus, while tracks by Nima Gorji, 2020 Soundsystem and Till Von Sein should definitely be checked out, a smarter move would be to buy the singles independently.