Lovingly hand-packaged and mailed out by Mark Beazley himself, Life assesses that of his decade-old band, which featured members Crawford Blair and John Meade until 2001. The three turned bass and keyboard tones into Kranky-style ambient that’s sometimes perfectly poignant (“Truth Burns,” “Zurich Trains”) and occasionally grating and discordant (“Not gone. Not Forgotten”). It’s all in the pot for this retrospective, which is only available from Beazley’s website. You may have heard Rothko through a Four Tet remix or an association with ambient superhero Susumu Yokota, but this collection shows the breadth and depth of the group’s output. The best of these miniature meditations do what the band’s namesake artist did with his work: they’re rich as a color field painting, and elemental as the weather both outside and in.