A decade after first stamping his mark on electronic music, Dave Huismans (a.k.a. A Made Up Sound) approach still carries the same surprise factor it did back then. Hailing from the Hague—a city that stacks up as Holland’s musical answer to Detroit—he has built a reputation for having a capricious and unique touch in the studio. As 2562 he tackled dubstep, leaving his A Made Up Sound alias for the development of an unusual strain of dirty, wonky techno. More recently, he has become involved with Berlin-based heads Dynamo Dreesen and SVN (a trio we couldn’t have foreseen), with whom he has put out two solid, space-flavoured EPs on Acido and SUED.

Working alone once again, Huisman returns to Dutch imprint Delsin having knocked up Thin Air—a four-tracker that persists with that characteristic diversity. The EP opens with its highly-charged title track, a bruising 4/4 cut that feels like late 90s UK tech house shovelled through a gritty filter. It’s rough, dirty, and clogged with many elements, but it works. On a similar tip is “All Out,” a tune that sounds like the peak of a Ben UFO set, pairing melodic touches with thrashing open hi-hats.

Huisman engages with more experimental drum patterns through the rest of the record. Noisy percussion rattles and pops over explosive kicks in ”I Repeat” (in a manner not far from his 2562 work), before being subdued by a synth line that totally shifts the mood to dreamier plains. It is the final track, “Waybackmachine,” that really is a cut above the rest though. Amongst irregular arrangement, its synth and bassline combination pays tribute to Detroit, giving it a slight retro feeling that resonates with its title.

Thin Air is scheduled for release on April 11.