To fairly judge Brooklyn-based, “Bodymore, Murdaland”-bred Aaron LaCrate’s output, it should first be placed outside of the two-decade-strong Baltimore Club style. It’s impossible to deny the facets of B-More’s Bronx bangers-meets-Chi swing inherent in LaCrate’s sample-free, self-christened “Gutter Music” amalgam, but the intentions are questionable. As splayed across the blogosphere, “gutter shit” falls short of the rhythmic diaspora’s transcendent power to purge. Judged only as “club crank,” however, the crunked-out, hard-house bass kick/clap-given cred by production associate Debonair Samir-is fierce. Of course, the track featuring bleach-blonde NYC promoter Oxy Cottontail may be the most grating thing evah.