Germany’s Zombie Nation could stake a claim as the antithesis of the high-fashion, theatrical element of Fischerspooner, with its faux horror-stage sets featuring outlandish makeup, fake blood, dramatic vocals and severed legs. The man behind Zombie Nation is Splank (a.k.a. Florian Senfter), a Munich-based producer who literally came out of nowhere thanks to the huge European success of his debut track, “Kerncraft 400.” Now, nearly three years later, Splank has emerged with a very impressive album, Absorber, on his new imprint Dekathalon. It’s a modern electro album with style-albeit a very dark style-with intricate, tightly wound, almost mechanical arrangements incorporating bits of glitch, electro and techno. Fans of the Kompakt label or artists such as Chicken Lips will be especially pleased.