In 20 years, when I’ve learned all the dances I need to know, I’ll put on this compilation and start doing some truly next-level maneuvers. You know, some antennae-in-the-air, feet-in-a-twist, alien-uprock-type shit. Until then, I’ll bump Eight Miles High’s psychotic laser-tag drum & bass-meets-free-jazz-piano mash-up “Latein.” Then again, Daedelus’s bump-in-the-night remix of a certain clap-heavy Busta Rhymes and Sean Paul song is giving me a strange feeling in my trousers. Is that a banana in my pocket, or is Phoenicia’s outer space two-step rave up “Conummity College” just happy to see me? Yes sir, this is the future of danceclash, and it’s giving me a big fat IDM boner.