King Britt rescues the suffering Beat Generation series with this stellar record. Featuring a plethora of Philadelphia’s finest emcees, poets and songbirds, the king of Philly house music gets back to his hip-hop roots. “Smoothed out” describes a lot of it, but it’s not cheesy-it’s sublime. From Quasimoto’s helium-gas lyrics to Bahamadia’s buttery flow, the rappers all come correct and the production shines, especially on the spoken-word tracks by Rich Medina. Illadelph brethren represent lovely on “Rise and Vibe” featuring Dice Raw and “Caught Out There” featuring Capitol A. Overall, King Britt’s sound is soulful and luscious and his collaborations are all on point, a refreshing release in the world of producer LPs and one of the best things this label has ever put out.