Among the many Afrobeat comps out there, Strut’s reissue of Duncan Brooker’s impeccably curated Afro-Rock, Vol. 1, originally issued on Kona in 2001, is especially welcome. It doesn’t take a collector to appreciate the consistent, engaging quality of this disc, which lovingly showcases choice cuts of East African funk, soul, and jazz from the ’60s and ’70s. Particularly notable here are Orchestra Lissanga’s “Okuzua,” its guitars ringing with a delicate, delightful cadence, and the funky, infectious opening track, Ishmael Jingo’s “Fever,” an essential in this realm. This reissue tacks on another tune from Jingo, an untitled, entrancing slice of psych-soul that’s definitely worth hearing, and the digital version features three additional songs. A great way to begin your obsession.