Kinder, a frizzy-haired, Cologne-based minimal house and techno producer, had my ears on lock from his first 12″ singles on Ware. Where the work of fellow producers Matthew Dear and Richie Hawtin is fixated on the rhythmic repetitions central to the minimal genre, Kinder takes an abrupt left turn towards melody. Of course, plenty of metrical blips and soda-pop gurgles still pan across the listening threshold, but these micro-noises are only part of the audio palette. Kinder conjures some superb club-rocking numbers like “Augenblicksposer,” which unfolds like a purple orchid decorated with lovely reverberating tones. Then “Der Trick Mit Der Kick” arrives halfway in-any listeners not on the dancefloor for this one smoked way too much hash. Akrobatik has me doing flips.